With our expertise and experience, ASC can support you in a number of ways to help realise your own projects and goals. We can help you:
  • Design a European Project
  • Find Partners
  • Write the Application

ASC have been partners in projects that have included some excellent activities and opportunities such as:

  • A training seminar for 6 EU countries to come to the UK to learn about developing locally lead sport in poorer areas
  • A study visit for 12 sports development officers to Sweden to learn about their world leading sports development system
  • The ISCA EuroVolNet project - http://eurovolnet.info/
  • Taking Coach Educators to Sweden and Germany to learn from some of the best in Europe.

The ISCA EuroVolNet project

We have previously arranged for young people from our projects to visit Germany, Finland and Belgium.

For personal development we have sent staff to Iceland, Germany, Estonia, Slovenia and France.

We have a very large range of partners with whom we have personal level relationships, so if you want to explore the options for your EU related project, email us at info@astonsportsclub.com